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Bamboo is the go-to material in most communities throughout Southeast Asia. Its strong and sturdy qualities, coupled with its abundance and incredibly fast growth, make it reliable and sustainable. Bamboo is regularly used to construct everything from baskets to furniture and houses. This journey is tailor-made for creators who love to use their hands to craft distinctive items using traditional methods of craftsmanship. Build upon your skills as an artist by exploring a series of craftsman techniques, including bamboo weaving and sewing. The quality of our products may surprise you.

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We are a values-driven group of competent bamboo farmers with a passion and desire of manufacturing quality engineered bamboo crafts that caters every person’s needs for their homes and lifestyle.


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Barangay Abut, San Fernando City, La Union Farmers Association, Inc.  continues to create innovative and high quality engineered bamboo products which fits the current trends and demands of the clients.

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Barangay Abut San Fernando City La Union Farmers Association Inc. will be the number one producer of high quality bamboo products in La Union by 2022.

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 Barangay Abut, San Fernando City, La Union Farmers Association, Inc.