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Blog 1 – Bamboo, a Stunning and Useful Material


We all know that bamboo is not a tree, it’s a grass. However, it is one of the most versatile and flexible structure compared to the other trees. This material stand strong at the center of revolution in green products. Bamboo has number of positive attributes that helped it in steady momentum in the market

Bamboo has a lot good benefits. In addition, the popularity and benefits of it has heightened the brand awareness campaigns.

Bamboo can almost grow everywhere and survive in many different climate conditions. It is the fastest growing and most adaptable materials that we have. It can mature in about 4-5 years, providing a constant and never-ending supply to the market without affecting other species.

The bamboo can be used in almost anything, from building materials, clothing, paper, furniture, novelty items and even straw. Essentially, you can establish your house, office, decors and wardrobe almost all entirely from bamboo.

The manufacturing industry is slowly turning to a more eco-friendly commerce model and production cycle. If the innumerable amount of quality wholesalers and retailers vending bamboo products today is any sign, then bamboo is absolutely on its way to suitable best of the retail food-chain.

One test will be to make sure bamboo holds its green luster throughout its lifespan. Moreover, as the market expands, regulators will have to keep an eye out to make sure opportunists aren’t altering fragile endangered forests into bamboo farms. So far, that risk pales in relationship to other rivals like palm oil and oil and gas development. It’s also true that bamboo can become an aggressive species, so cultivation should be observed to lessen impact on native vegetation in new zones.

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